I have been shooting nature photographs for the past five decades. I initially focused on close-ups of flowers and plants in their natural settings, with the aim of showing the viewer a perspective not ordinarily noticed, for example, small but colorful mushrooms growing on the forest floor obscured by shade and fallen leaves, or the unusual coloring and patterns of the innermost portion of a flower blossom.

More recently, I have been photographing birds and other animals and striving to show the animals in their natural habitat, unsullied by the interference of human hands. My greatest challenge is capturing birds in flight.

I also include travel photography, particularly landscapes and people. In recent years, I’ve been fortunate to travel to many foreign places – the Galapagos Islands, Mongolia, Tibet, Kenya, Tanzania, Patagonia, to name but a few – as well as to spectacular vistas in the U.S. – Sedona, the Everglades, Alaska, Penobscot Bay, and more.

And then there are the large cities and small towns in New England, the South, the Southwest, California, the Washington-Baltimore area (where I live), and many places in between.
 Jerry Weinstein 2014

It is my fervent hope that when people are more aware of the great beauty that surrounds us, they will be more likely to preserve it, both for themselves and others, especially future generations. Regardless of the subject matter, I seek to show the viewer the beauty and serenity that exists in nature – even in the smallest and most commonplace.

Nature provides an infinite palette of color, texture, pattern, and shape. I work exclusively with 35mm transparencies. First of all, 35mm equipment is generally small and portable, necessary for use in the field, where I do all my photography. Transparencies can also capture a wide range of color and is essential for displaying nature subjects at their best.

I produce each photographic print individually, using my own equipment and materials. I mount, mat, and frame each print so that I have complete control over the entire product. I am therefore able to stick to my cardinal rule that I won't sell anything that I would not display in my own home.